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Over 500 vessels realize the benefits of FUELTRAX globally

LOCATIONS FUELTRAX meets the needs of the global maritime industry.

FUELTRAX is the leading smart fuel-management system on board vessels of all types, from the Americas, to West Africa and South East Asia. One product satisfies the diverse market needs in all regions of the world.

Optimize performance – accurate measurements reduce costs

FUELTRAX helps you save costs by employing optimized throttle modes, directly advised to the captain, depending on every vessel or trip priority requirement.

With BestSpeed and BestEconomy settings as standard, FUELTRAX uses its modes to help you optimize performance and reduce costs. FUELTRAX derives accurate data about fuel use, because it measures using Coriolis smart meters, and records this data on FUELNET. With precise measurements and secure reporting, you can be sure your data is telling you a true story.

Analyzing your data can help identify new or improved ways of working, rolling out best practice across certain vessels or a whole fleet.

Guarantee compliance – fulfill your charter requirements

With FUELTRAX on board the challenge of meeting your charter requirements and international compliance regulations is simplified.

FUELTRAX uses Coriolis smart meters, which measure mass flow rather than volume, detecting any change in density, temperature, or deviation from fuel specification. Tracking your fuel accurately and securely, through an easy-to-use fuel monitoring system, means that you will comply with charter regulations without having to go the extra mile.

FUELNET, the data record and analytics service that works hand-in-hand with FUELTRAX, provides secure, customized reports which demonstrate your level of compliance.

Ensure security – FUELTRAX is your man on board

With FUELTRAX installed, you have a clear vision of your vessel – from location to fuel data – from anywhere in the world.

FUELTRAX uses Coriolis mass flowmeters, which provide an all-round picture of fuel performance and discrepancies, and an enhanced accuracy of +/-0.15%, gained by measuring mass directly. Its in-built air-eliminators remove the risk of uncertainty presented by two-phase flow (measurement of a liquid and a gas at the same time).

In the bunker process, all stakeholders benefit with FUELTRAX, including vessel owners and operators; marine industry suppliers; vessel charterers; and regulatory bodies. And when intelligent meter data is collected, monitored, and reported by FUELNET, even greater transparency into operations becomes available. FUELNET reduces the risk of human error in the reporting process, so you can rely on accurate, secure data.

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