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Fuel accountability has always been a hot topic in Nigeria. Over the last three years, FUELTRAX implementation has expanded to 150 vessels operating in the region, seeing a dramatic reduction in reported pilferage and overall fuel consumption.

In one extreme case reported to FUELTRAX, the same-named vessel reporting fuel consumption via manual soundings in 2012 has witnessed an 80% reduction in reported consumption since bringing FUELTRAX Electronic Fuel Monitoring System (EFMS) on board. Typically reduction found in these cases is around 30-50%, marking this as an especially egregious instance. Savings like this are due primarily to the always-on nature of our system – with the industry-leading 99% uptime giving crew, fleet owners, and charterers crystal-clear transparency of their fuel consumption. 

FUELTRAX combines improved reporting, transparent monitoring, and complete reliability, making it easier than ever before for fleets operating in West Africa to protect and maintain their assets. To find out how our smart, secure, and self-contained EFMS can do the same for your fleet, book your demo today by contacting us. 


From its inception in 2006, FUELTRAX has grown into the leading universal fuel management solution, compatible with any vessel, engine, or fuel, in any location in the world. Together with its cloud-based data and analytics service, FUELNET, it provides fully self-contained, smart monitoring and measurement, reducing costs and setting the standard for secure, compliant, optimized vessel performance. FUELTRAX is a product of Nautical Control Solutions, LP.


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