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FUELTRAX Independently Certified by Verifavia

FUELTRAX is independently certified by Verifavia, as of December 2019.

Verifavia Shipping has certified FUELTRAX, against the European Union’s (EU) Monitoring Reporting and Verification (MRV) regulation requirements and IMO Data Collection System (DCS).

The EU MRV regulation requires ships of 5,000 gross tonnages or higher to collect data from previous years to monitor CO2 emissions, fuel consumption, and other parameters, such as distance traveled, time at sea, and cargo carried on a per voyage basis. This data is used to compile annual data into an emissions report submitted to an accredited MRV shipping verifier.

FUELTRAX is pleased to be able to offer this reporting, which helps save our client’s time by providing the essential tools to assist in verifying that they are meeting the regulatory needs of EU MRV and IMO DCS.

Reports will be generated by FUELTRAX teams using data collected via FUELTRAX EFMS on board. IMO DCS data that we provide is the totalized fuel consumption for the entire year as required for reporting per the regulation. As FUELTRAX continuously collects an independent GPS signal, EU MRV data can be provided per voyage between EU ports as required.

Nicolas Duchêne, Chief Operating Officer & VP Technical, Verifavia Shipping, said:

“Ship owners and operators need confidence in the system they choose to review their fuel data and FUELTRAX is a system which optimises fleet-wide reporting while minimising resource and costs. Verifavia’s specialist team uses its extensive experience to provide an independent and efficient certification service. We know that certification provides our customers with third-party verified assurance that the systems meet the highest standards in emissions monitoring and reporting.”

John Donovan, VP Operations, FUELTRAX, said:

“In a post-2020 world every drop of fuel matters.  Early adopters who have already been using FUELTRAX are ahead of the curve as our system possesses multiple control measures to mitigate the rising cost of fuel. We are so excited to now offer compiling and generating of MRV and IMO DCS reporting to help fleets collect this additional data for IMO 2020 compliance and for their own carbon output analysis.”

About Verifavia Shipping

Verifavia Shipping strives to be the maritime industry’s first choice for the provision of efficient, competitive, and flexible emissions verification and hazardous materials preparation services, worldwide.

By combining its innovative approach and streamlined procedures with the technical expertise and industry knowledge of its team, Verifavia Shipping provides a top-class service that ensures its customers experience a smooth emissions verification process.

With one of the largest hazmat teams in the industry, Verifavia Shipping helps shipping companies prepare and maintain an Inventory of Hazardous Materials (IHM) on existing ships, as well as providing advice on hazardous materials during the new building phase.

Verifavia Shipping has offices in Paris, Singapore, and Chandigarh.

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From its inception in 2006, FUELTRAX has grown into the leading universal fuel management solution, compatible with any vessel, engine, or fuel, in any location in the world. Together with its cloud-based data and analytics service, FUELNET, it provides fully self-contained, smart monitoring and measurement, reducing costs and setting the standard for secure, compliant, optimized vessel performance. FUELTRAX is a product and registered trademark of Nautical Control Solutions, LP.

If you are a current FUELTRAX customer, take advantage of this new offering, and get MRV DCS verification reporting through FUELTRAX, by contacting us today.

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