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FUELTRAX Speaking at RESET 2021 Event, hosted by PETRONAS

FUELTRAX's John Donovan, Vice President of Global Operations, will be speaking at the virtual event, RESET 2021 on April 6th, from 1500-1700 in Session Talk 2 - Technology and Innovation, Room 4: Operational Excellence.

John Donovan, Vice president of Global Operations for FUELTRAX will show how EFMS's automatic mode detection, single-minute fidelity data, and the FUELNET web portal can be used to reduce fuel consumption and improve fleet operations:

Fuel Savings– Analysis of fleet operations is performed to create best practices unique to each operating mode.

Human error– Eliminate inaccuracies and time delays that often reduce efficiency and negatively impact OPEX by removing the need for any additional work from the crew.

ESG– Reduce CO2 emissions and use tools in FUELNET to report on carbon footprint reduction.

Fuel Security– 24/7 monitoring, security features, and optional camera package makes it a great tool for theft deterrence in high-risk areas.

About RESET 2021:

RESET 2021 is an inaugural technology-based virtual event hosted by PETRONAS Carigali Sdn Bhd, a subsidiary of PETRONAS. The event is driven by the Society of Petroleum Engineers Kuala Lumpur (SPE KL) in collaboration with the Malaysian Oil & Gas Services Council (MOGSC) and Informa Markets.

RESET embodies the call for communities across industries to collectively embrace transition and continuously evolve to elevate the industry to new levels of resilience. This four-day industry collaborative effort will deliver high-quality content, feature a vibrant marketplace while highlighting its AI-powered networking potential for delegates.


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