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FUELTRAX Vision Heightens Vessel Security Globally

Recent events in the Gulf of Guinea highlight that heightened security is critical to a vessel’s operations. As vessels are still being threatened by piracy and pilfering, much can also be done at the company and charterer level to mitigate marine security threats. Through collaboration with our clients,  FUELTRAX has developed self-contained tracking features and robust geo-fencing alerts. FUELTRAX Vision shows a 360-degree view of the vessel to onshore management which can enable company-wide alerts of incidents such as these.

Since it's launch in 2018, FUELTRAX Vision has been deployed across 5 vessels throughout Equatorial Guinea, Nigeria, Sakhalin Island, and the Caspian Sea regions. New features are rolling out with FUELTRAX Vision in the coming weeks, including remote views of video data available inside of FUELNET. 

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