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Gulf Coast Fuel Supply and FUELTRAX Partner to Deliver Added Accuracy & Security to Fuel Deliveries

Gulf Coast Fuel Supply, an offshore fuel supplier specializing in MGO and VLSFO deliveries at the Galveston Lightering area, has partnered with FUELTRAX to install their fuel monitoring solution on the Chemical Tanker, Bonaire Trader.   

Bonaire Trader was built in 2007 and has previously operated at South African ports. She now serves customers in the Galveston area near Houston, Texas. The vessel's carrying capacity is 11255 t DWT, and her current draught is reported to be 5.6 meters. Her length overall (LOA) is 116.5 meters, and her width is 20 meters.   

The FUELTRAX technology onboard Bonaire Trader helps her provide transparency in fuel delivery quantities and gives the buyer and the seller a more accurate volume measurement than traditional methods. FUELTRAX's Coriolis Smart Meters constantly monitor each fuel transfer's mass flow, temperature, and density from the beginning to the end.  

Robert Love, CEO & Founder, Gulf Coast Fuel Supply, says:  

"The net effect of having FUELTRAX is like having a fuel surveyor on board to monitor the volumes received closely - we can send a detailed log of the transfer afterward to our clients. The meters allow us to deliver fuel faster than other suppliers because it eliminates the cumbersome process of measuring the fuel tanks before and after delivery. Using FUELTRAX saves us about 3 hours from the total time for a standard fuel transfer. Overall, our decision to partner with FUELTRAX to install FUELTRAX's Coriolis mass flow meters on Bonaire Trader benefits all parties in terms of time, accuracy, and crew safety."  

Anthony George, CEO & Founder, FUELTRAX, says:  

"We work with a broad scope of vessels, ranging from OSV's, PSV's, Tugs and Tankers, and collaborate with our clients to understand their specific needs and tailor our product to fit their unique specifications. In Robert's case of needing to facilitate fuel delivery services onboard Bonaire Trader, we provided custom settings to the user interface of FUELNET and customized bunkering tickets with additional metrics needed to support him in providing the best customer experience to his clients. Our services don't stop after installation - we remotely provide world-class support and software updates to ensure the client is continually benefitting from our technology."  

About Gulf Coast Fuel Supply 

Gulf Coast Fuel Supply is an offshore fuel supplier specializing in MGO and VLSFO deliveries at the Galveston, Sabine, SW Pass, and Corpus Christi Lightering areas. Our chemical tanker and experienced bunker crew are standing by to offer your fleet the best service and fuel quality. The vessel is equipped with all safety equipment for seamless Ship to Ship fuel delivery operations. It is also fitted with Coriolis Smart meters from FUELTRAX, which brings a new level of transparency and quality control to offshore bunkering in the US Gulf. Our dedicated staff consists of marine and energy industry professionals who all have extensive experience and expertise in their fields. We understand the needs of our customers fully and strive to offer the best service on the water. You can learn more about the company at or contact Robert Love directly at 281-854-2064. 


FUELTRAX® is the leading smart fuel management system compatible with any vessel, engine, or fuel in any location in the world. It reduces onboard fuel consumption costs, emissions and sets the standard for secure, compliant, and optimized vessel performance. Each FUELTRAX installation includes access to the cloud-based data analytics service, FUELNET™. FUELTRAX delivers an over 99% system uptime globally and is the only EFMS accepted universally by all major oil companies.  

FUELTRAX is a patented product of Nautical Control Solutions, LP (US Patent 7,024,317).  

FUELTRAX® and FUELNET™ are marks of Nautical Control Solutions, LP. All rights reserved.  

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