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Is your current onboard EFMS reliable and up to date on the most demanding charter specifications?

Making the Switch to FUELTRAX


Electronic Fuel Monitoring Systems (EFMS), also known as Vessel Fuel Monitoring Systems (VFMS), require constant, accurate, and reliable data connection to serve their ultimate purpose – delivering clear insight into vessel operations.

The sad truth is that not all EFMS providers are equipped for the challenges of remote data delivery.

Are you tired of having to dispatch technicians when ANYTHING goes wrong with your non-FUELTRAX brand EFMS? This costs a lot of time, money, and can risk your vessel to be off-hired if prompt action is not taken.

Increase your charter eligibility by upgrading your fuel monitoring standards to the FUELTRAX standard. FUELTRAX has never been denied charter eligibility due to non-performance and maintains a 100% installation success rate, every time.

We offer NASA-grade support, and over 97% of our support issues are resolved remotely.

FUELTRAX helps vessel owners increase their fleet utilization and stay on contract by ensuring they have the tools and transparency to help their clients reach goals to increase revenue, maintain operating expenditure control, and thrive – regardless of an ever-changing economic climate.

Bottom line – FUELTRAX EFMS gives you greater transparency, better monitoring, and advanced tools to amplify your vessels' performance and the return on your investment. 

In the past year, we have increasingly had numerous vessel owners reach out to us, tired of their non-FUELTRAX brand EFMS failing to perform to standard. It’s why we’ve created an easy process to help you upgrade with FUELTRAX.

Thrive and adapt with cutting edge technology to back you up. Set the Standard with FUELTRAX.

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