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Dataran Elektra is appointed as the first PETRONAS-licensed agent for FUELTRAX in Malaysia. 

To satisfy the growing demand for electronic fuel monitoring systems (EFMS) in Malaysia, FUELTRAX has partnered with Malaysian trade and services provider Dataran Elektra.

Through this partnership, Dataran Elektra has been appointed as the first PETRONAS-licensed agent for FUELTRAX in Malaysia.  Now, any clients required to purchase directly from a PETRONAS-licensed entity can contact Dataran Elektra for procurement options.

As fuel consumption, transparent reporting, and compliance remain under the spotlight for those operating in Malaysia, more and more fleets are turning to FUELTRAX for smart, self-contained fuel monitoring solutions. 

The FUELTRAX fleet operating in Malaysia is expected to grow to 15-20 OSVs in 2019, meeting the growing demand for EFMS due to more stringent oil company charters and mandates. Dataran Elektra has partnered with FUELTRAX as an approved installation and commissioning partner to facilitate this expansion.

“Failure is not an option” for FUELTRAX and Dataran Elektra

The partnership between Dataran Elektra and FUELTRAX began in 2018, and currently, Dataran Elektra technicians are undergoing specialty training for installation and commissioning services at the FUELTRAX facility in Houston, TX. As a result, Dataran Elektra is now capable of handling full turn-key services for FUELTRAX systems, including local procurement, installation, and commissioning.

This developing partnership continues to grow from high standards of success for both companies.  “Early on in our pivot to the Malaysian market, we recognized the need to partner with a team that was supremely competent and shared our ‘failure is not an option’ approach to client support,” says Global Operations Director, John Donovan, FUELTRAX. “Dataran Elektra is all of that and more, with a stellar record in oil & gas and exceedingly professional customer service.  We look forward to jointly exploring the many opportunities that Malaysia offers for the FUELTRAX product line.”       

FUELTRAX Advances Global Expansion

Today FUELTRAX currently serves over 150 vessels working for oil company charters and has been deployed on approximately 500 workboats and commercial vessels worldwide since its inception in 2004.

As the requirement for EFMS continues to expand with increasing charter mandates in Asia, West Africa, and South America, FUELTRAX remains the globally accepted standard. “The transparency of the fuel data allows charterers and OSV owners to make real, cost-saving changes to their operations based on accurate and timely data. It enhances their control over decisions that affect their compliance and performance goals,” says CEO and Founder, Anthony George, FUELTRAX.

The FUELTRAX onboard system monitors, measures, and reports all fuel activity in real-time. Fuel activity data is GPS-stamped and updated live every 15 minutes by independent satellite to the FUELNET online web portal, where customers can track vessels and operations.

“With over 15 years of EFMS expertise and dedicated remote support from NASA-grade Engineers, we have increased system uptime to 99%, meaning zero vessels have been off-hired due to FUELTRAX system failures,” says Donovan.

More about Dataran Elektra Sdn. Bhd.

Dataran Elektra Sdn. Bhd. works with energy partners, manufacturers, and EPCC contractors to develop business synergies, technologies, and skills to enable them to maximize value. They offer marine technology and solutions with prime focus on the upstream and downstream oil and gas industry, the Government sector, and other related industries.

More about FUELTRAX

From its inception in 2004, FUELTRAX has grown to be the leading universal fuel management solution, compatible with any vessel, engine or fuel, in any location in the world. Together with its cloud-based data and analytics service, FUELNET, it provides fully self-contained, smart monitoring and measurement, reducing costs, and setting the standard for secure, compliant, optimized vessel performance, and fuel accountability.

FUELTRAX is a product of Nautical Control Solutions, LP.

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