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Remote Support Maximizes Vessel Uptime

Ensuring vessels can remain on-hire is of utmost importance to vessel owners, especially during this time period of continued economic uncertainty with COVID-19. Particularly for vessels supporting oil companies in some parts of the world, that means making sure every fuel monitoring system is fully functioning before a charter starts. FUELTRAX’s top priority is to ensure its users can rely on our remote support to maintain system functionality as they go on-hire.

I want to share with you an example of how our remote support recently helped one of our clients go on hirewithout losing a single day’s pay.

Prior to going on hire, a vessel owner requested us to reactivate a FUELTRAX system on a vessel that had been laid up. Upon remote inspection, an anomaly was discovered—a meter installed for measuring consumption on the vessel’s main generator was no longer reporting consumption properly. This issue could have caused our client to not be hired or lose day rates, due to EFMS non-performance if quick action was not taken.

Our Support team reacted to this immediately and were able to rectify the issue remotely in a matter of a few hours. Specifically, the FUELTRAX support team was able to make appropriate flow meter configurations and swiftly confirm consumption being seen onboard once again for the main generator.

In this same case, other EFMS technologies would have needed to dispatch a technician to resolve this issue, and in many cases having to do a full quarantine to come onboard the vessel—costing valuable time and money. Our product is fundamentally built with the integrated ability to remotely tap into these meters to ensure we can monitor and maintain system functionality.

Now that the system is back online, the owner will benefit from daily diagnostics from our Support team who will quickly act on anomalies and prevent future issues from occurring. As vessel owners invest in FUELTRAX, we want you to know we are committed to maintaining a healthy system and will not let you down.

With over 2000 FUELTRAX meters reporting to Houston live every day, we resolve over 97% of all support cases remotely. We’ve got your back.

Ruben DeLeon,

Director of Product Support

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