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FUELTRAX Self-contained, Real-time, Secure Fuel Management.

FUELTRAX is the leading fuel management solution. It measures direct fuel consumption and transfers on board, enabling vessel operators to reduce vessel operating costs and annual fuel spending. FUELTRAX is the most widely accepted vessel fuel management and tracking system globally and has been installed on more than 700 vessels with zero failed installs.

Precise Measurements

The FUELTRAX system onboard takes direct fuel measurements using Coriolis smart meters to measure mass-flow instead of volume, improving accuracy and reliability. Coriolis smart meters differentiate air, water, temperature, density, and particulates and provide enhanced accuracy of +/-0.5% by measuring mass directly. Fuel quality is consistently measured, triggering onboard alarms if deviation from specifications is detected. 

Our Coriolis meters are maintained and calibrated remotely in our manufacturing center in Houston, Texas. 


Using a closed-loop system, FUELTRAX is compatible with any engine or fuel type and has been designed to protect against tampering and corruption by other onboard technology. Alerts and alarms available from the system help deter fuel slippage and pilfering.

Little to no maintenance is required for the lifetime of the vessel.

Real-Time Data

Every 15 minutes, FUELTRAX provides real-time automatic data uploads to FUELNET, its secure proprietary web portal, and is accessible onboard and shore-side. Data transmission is password-protected, fully SSL secured and encrypted, and independent of a vessel’s other communications systems, removing human error or cybersecurity risk.


Throttle Optimization

Utilizing FUELTRAX’s BestSpeed and BestEconomy optimization tools in FUELNET gives captains throttle recommendations in real-time. Helping achieve emissions reduction goals while saving on fuel spend.

FUELTRAX calculates real-time throttle optimizations as standard, which helps the captain obtain the best setting for each voyage. This delivers maximum vessel efficiency in accordance with the voyage’s objective, with significant fuel cost savings attained for small reductions in speed.

BestSpeed: Maximum speed with the minimum fuel.

BestEconomy: Maximize savings with small loss in speed.

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