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FUELTRAX Mobile Measurement Unit Remote fuel transfers are automated, precise and secure with FUELTRAX Mobile

FUELTRAX Mobile is an integrated mass flowmeter in a self-contained system, designed to monitor and report custody transfers performed anywhere in the world. Specially designed for life in the field, the mobile unit has been commercially proven to improve the accuracy and efficiency of custody transfers in any location.

Each unit houses the same Coriolis mass flowmeter technology, (- +-.05 accuracy),Ā found in our flagship FUELTRAX system. You can easily monitor fuel levels in real-time via the intuitive touchscreen display. Data collected is then digitally recorded and securely delivered to FUELNET by an encrypted IridiumĀ® satellite signal with pole to pole coverage.


Each unit is equipped with wheels, lifting hooks, and up to 12 hour battery life. Reliable Integrated GPS receiver, density alarm, and ticket printer for immediate record of all fuel transfers. Automated data capture allows for complete confidence in transfers.

Additional option for dual meter configuration for redundancy.

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