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PEMEX Sistema de Administracion de Combustible (SAEC)

PEMEX implemented SAEC in February 2022 under the Subdirection of Administration of Services for Exploration and Production.

The functions of the SAEC are to accurately measure, record, and transmit fuel measurement information via satellite on the use, custody, existence, and consumption of fuel in marine operations accessible through FUELNET:

  • Records and transmission to land of information 24/7 of the vessel on consumption, stocks, loading, and fuel unloading.
  • Daily monitoring of efficiency in fuel consumption and carbon emissions
  • Condition monitoring of fuel metering systems on vessels

FUELTRAX meets the PEMEX SAEC specifications:

  • PEMEX supervisors have unrestricted access to the FUELNET web portal for vessels under their supervision and for the period the vessels are hired to PEMEX.
  • Information from the FUELTRAX system in FUELNET is securely stored and accessible perpetually.
  • All recorded information from the system is stored inside the onboard computer for a minimum of 90 days.
  • The FUELTRAX system, as installed, is entirely independent, having no external connections. The satellite and GPS are not connected to any other navigation or communication system.
  • The FUELTRAX system has the capability to verify the calibration of the mass flow meters remotely, and the reports are available in the FUELNET web portal.
  • The FUELTRAX system is maintenance-free, meaning the crew does not have to perform routine maintenance.
  • The FUELTRAX system does not allow access or change to the data produced by the system.
  • The sensors used in the installed systems are the correct and adequate Coriolis mass flow meters required.
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