Reliable, actionable data. Delivered.

There are many fleet fuel data companies offering services to the maritime market. However almost all of them rely on manual measurement to acquire their working data.

This is a flawed approach because changing sea conditions make it difficult for your crew to take accurate manual measurements.

For example, a dipstick that is misread because the ship is experiencing stormy seas can equate to thousands of dollars of fuel recorded as missing when in fact it isn’t. And, once that incorrect data is manually digitized into the chosen system, it stays wrong. Giving you inaccurate, unreliable data to base your critical operational decisions on.

This needs to change.

Which is why we design all Fueltrax products around the fundamental principle of providing continuous, real-time, accurate, secure and digitally sensed data to captains, crews and the C-suite at the same time.

Because we know that keeping everyone on the same page with the same data powers better decisions, drives efficiencies, maintains crew safety and helps you to build a sustainable, future-fit operation.

Discover more about Fueltrax products below.

Fueltrax EFMS

Operating expenditure. Reduced.

At the heart of every Fueltrax installation is the Fueltrax Electronic Fuel Management System (EFMS). Closed-loop, tamper-proof, alarm protected and completely incorruptible, it solves the challenge of fuel theft and slippage, inaccurate fuel measurement and inefficient fuel consumption to save marine...

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Critical data. Secured.

FUELNET is our secure web portal and suite of powerful analytics and reporting tools providing 24/7 vessel and asset tracking as well as detailed fuel reporting. It receives the vessel and fuel data generated by the Fueltrax EFMS via encrypted...

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Fueltrax Vision

On-board activities. Captured.

Give your onshore management teams a crystal clear view of any on board activities with our intelligent, purpose built and secure plug-and-play remote video monitoring system. ...

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Fueltrax Mobile

Accurate, mobile fuel measurement. Achieved.

Specifically designed for life in the field, Fueltrax Mobile features the same mass flow meter technology found in Fueltrax EFMS and has been commercially proven to improve the accuracy and efficiency of fuel custody transfer in any location across the...

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Fueltrax Expedition

Remote, off-grid fuel measurement. Delivered.

Fueltrax Expedition is our next generation mobile fuel transfer measurement solution. Self-powered for always on operational availability it delivers remote site fuel monitoring anywhere – even in the world’s harshest environments. ...

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