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Our self-contained system is designed with built-in cyber security measures to protect your fuel.

Theft Deterrence

The FUELTRAX system is designed to prevent and detect any kind of physical tampering with the system. These measures include:

- Internal cameras in the FUELTRAX system to prevent any undetected tampering. 

- Tamper-proof tape placed on key components. 

- Read-only display to allow the crew to monitor performance and engage throttle optimization while maintaining data integrity. 

- Serialized locking seals for meter electronics and equipment. 

- Seals over hose fittings to ensure no disconnection. 

Vessel Tracking

Verify your vessel's live location with FUELTRAX's independent, time-stamped GPS data transmission. This data is encrypted and fully SSL-secured, bypassing the vessel's communications system. 

Consumption Anomaly Detection

The FUELTRAX support team uses the supply and return flow to validate observed inconsistencies in engine consumption. FUELTRAX's flowmeters provide multiple measuring metrics including mass, flow, density, and temperature to quickly detect anomalies. 

Fuel Density Alarm

FUELTRAX is equipped with an onboard Density Alarm. If fuel density is outside of expected parameters, the Density Alarm will alert the crew to investigate discrepancies.  

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