Fuel Security

24/7 fuel and fleet protection. Secured.

In some areas of the world money talks. 

Opening doors that should remain closed and oiling the wheels of fuel theft.

Fortunately Fueltrax doesn’t listen. 

Closed-loop, tamper-proof and alarm protected, Fueltrax is the only real-time, end-to-end, self-contained and secure active marine fuel and fleet management system in the world. 

Designed to prevent and detect any physical interference with your fleet’s fuel, it features an independent, time-stamped GPS data transmission that verifies your vessel’s live location while consumption anomaly detection and fuel density alarms alert the crew and our control room to any discrepancies. 

Coupled with the ability to monitor and respond to other onboard activities it gives you eyes on your fleet’s performance and gets you closer to your operations to optimize performance and deliver around the clock protection to your fleet and crew.

Backed up with 24/7 health monitoring, diagnostic overwatch, and efficiency guidance from our operations support center in Texas, trust Fueltrax to deliver the protection your fuel and your fleet deserve. 

Safe. Seen. Certain.

Crew Safety and Security

Deliver around the clock protection to your crew.

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Fuel Tracking

Ensure your fleet’s fuel custody transfers are 100% accurate.

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Fleet Security

Get on board to follow your fleet and your fuel to the four corners of the world.

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