The maritime industry. Transformed.

The maritime industry is facing significant headwinds. 

It is more competitive with lower margins than ever before, challenging Net Zero deadlines are approaching and increasingly stringent global regulation makes compliance a business critical issue. 

To meet these challenges we believe our industry must modernize its operational procedures and practices.

Which is why we’re on a mission to drive positive economic, environmental, social and governance changes in the maritime industry for operators, vessel owners and crews.

Making it happen with solutions that use real-time, accurate, secure and digitally sensed fuel, operating mode and location data to improve and safeguard the economic and environmental performance of fleets, keep their crew and cargo safe and create a cleaner, more efficient and sustainable future for the maritime industry.

Discover more about Fueltrax solutions below.

Crew Safety and Security

Deliver around the clock protection to your crew.

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Fuel Tracking

Ensure your fleet’s fuel custody transfers are 100% accurate.

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Fleet Security

Get on board to follow your fleet and your fuel to the four corners of the world.

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Fleet Optimization

Ensure best performance and maximize fuel efficiency across your fleet.

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Crew Optimization & Compliance

Attract and retain the best crews in the business.

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ESG Monitoring and Reporting

Accurately monitor, measure, report and verify your fleet’s ESG performance.

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ESG Compliance

Show that your business meets ever-changing emissions, social equity and good governance targets.

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Active Fleet Management Service

Free up management time and meet specific business goals with our expert 24/7 operational overwatch.

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Land Solutions

Off-grid fuel protection and measurement in the world's remotest environments.

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