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Fuel Accountability FUELTRAX is self-contained, automated, and fully secure, so you can protect your assets.

FUELTRAX measures and reports fuel usage direct to your desktop every 15 minutes, so you can track consumption and compare to budget.

Measurements are taken with Coriolis mass flowmeters, which provide far greater accuracy and reliability than volumetric meters.

Coriolis smart meters differentiate air, water, temperature, density and particulates and provide enhanced accuracy of +/-0.5% by measuring mass directly. Fuel quality is consistently measured, triggering onboard alarms if deviation from specifications is detected. Accurate and reliable, secure and smart, they require little or no maintenance for the lifetime of the vessel, providing all-round value for FUELTRAX customers.

Independent of other systems on board, and without the need for crew intervention, FUELTRAX provides oversight across your fleet. Where fuel accountability is a top priority, it ensures you are securely connected in real time, alerted to inconsistencies, and able to act fast.

Emissions compliance

FUELTRAX helps you meet your regulatory obligations.

Compliance is watertight when your fuel is monitored by FUELTRAX. Your MRV and DCS obligations are taken care of and delivered through an automated process.

Direct measuring and monitoring of fuel – securely and accurately – is a standard feature of FUELTRAX, ensuring your fuel compliance obligations are being met. Real-time geo-located automated data updates to FUELNET ensure efficient, uncomplicated reports to evidence your compliance – no more human errors or delays in reporting.

As FUELTRAX is universal and standardized, you can also test new fuels and more efficient engines, facilitate a small-scale trial, or a smooth transition – without financial risk.

FUELTRAX delivers a directly measured fuel calculation, based on consumption, so you can depend on accurate information and trust that your reporting is precise.

Performance optimization Real-time throttle optimizations reduce fuel consumption.

FUELTRAX calculates real-time throttle optimizations as standard, which helps the captain obtain the best setting for each voyage. This delivers maximum vessel efficiency in accordance with the voyage’s objective, with significant fuel cost savings attained for small reductions in speed.

Consistent deployment of FUELTRAX throttle optimization routines provides real savings for customers whose vessels make short and long haul voyages. The larger the vessel and the longer the voyage, the better the opportunity for fuel savings.

BestSpeed: Maximum speed with the minimum fuel.

BestEconomy: Maximize savings with small loss in speed.

FUELTRAX makes a large fleet easier to manage, even when combining multiple types of vessels. It enables you to establish best practice and optimize the performance of every single vessel, wherever it is in the world.

Most fuel is consumed while vessels are in Underway mode. With increased uptake of BestEconomy throttle settings while in Underway, and a range of optimizations in Dock, DP and Standby modes, under FUELTRAX guidance, operators can set targets and see savings grow across fleets.

How does FUELTRAX BestEconomy reduce costs?

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Enhanced data insights FUELNET is your data analyst, reporting service and compliance officer in one.

Installing FUELTRAX is simple and straightforward. It is a closed-loop system, requiring no integration with other onboard systems. No human intervention is involved. As soon as it gets to work, you can trust it to measure, monitor and report your fuel activity accurately and securely. All data is reported direct to FUELNET, a fully secure, cloud-based service, which works hand-in-hand with the FUELTRAX system on board.

FUELNET is a step change in automated data reporting, security and the power of analytics. It functions as a vessel data historian over the life of the FUELTRAX installation; kept online and available for analysis at all times. You can use this data to analyze fleet performance, to identify best practice – fast – and roll this out across your fleet.

All data transmission is fully SSL secured and encrypted, bypassing the vessel’s own communications system.

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