ESG Solutions

ESG goals. Secured.

Reduced carbon intensity. Crew working conditions. Anti-corruption and ethics policies. 

Just three issues informing the ESG ratings increasingly used by customers and investors to evaluate their shipping company partners. 

Provide clarity, transparency and reassurance while staying ahead of the game in an ever-changing world by accurately measuring, reporting and achieving your fleet’s ESG goals with Fueltrax. 

As the only real-time, end-to-end, self-contained and totally secure active marine fuel and fleet management system in the world, Fueltrax is closed-loop, tamper-proof and alarm protected. Keeping your crew and fleet safe from the threat of corruption and fuel theft and demonstrating your commitment to strong corporate governance and social responsibility. 

Its comprehensive data collection, analytics and optimization capability powers improved environmental performance too. Freeing you to set and track your carbon reduction targets with confidence by monitoring fuel consumption and offering real-time optimization suggestions to your crew to maximize fuel efficiency and minimize emissions across your fleet. 

Plus it’s specifically set up to make reporting and verifying your data to the authorities, your partners and your customers simple and straightforward.

Align with your customers’ sustainability goals, meet stakeholder expectations, enhance corporate governance, improve your competitiveness and show that you care for your people, the planet and the communities you serve with Fueltrax.

Monitor. Respond. Report.

ESG Monitoring and Reporting

Accurately monitor, measure, report and verify your fleet’s ESG performance.

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ESG Compliance

Show that your business meets ever-changing emissions, social equity and good governance targets.

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