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FUELTRAX Expedition FUELTRAX's next generation of mobile measurement in fuel transfers. The Portable Measurement Unit (PMU) is fully operational in the harshest & most remote of environments.


The Portable Measurement Unit generates power and charges itself using fuel flow through the unit - enabling operations in any environment with no external power required. 

Monitor and report on custody transfers performed anywhere in the world. FUELTRAX Expedition has been commercially proven to improve the accuracy and efficiency of custody transfers.

An on-screen display shows totalizer, with a reset button for ease of use. 


FUELTRAX Expedition runs off of Iridium Based Communications and is lightweight. The unit can be picked up by 2 people or moved via skid. The unit weighs 80 lbs and is 16 inches. 

Easily monitor fuel levels in real-time. Data collected is then digitally recorded and securely delivered to FUELNET by an encrypted Iridium® satellite signal with pole to pole coverage.

For more information on Remote Site Fuel Monitoring, call: +1 (281) 209 3480 ext. 127 or contact

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