Active Fleet Management Service

Active Fleet Management Service

Fueltrax is a comprehensive EFMS solution with the power to deliver significant fuel cost savings as well as a host of other business benefits including improved vessel and fleet performance, ESG monitoring, reporting and compliance, enhanced crew performance, reduced emissions, accurate fuel custody transfers, improved operational procedures and more.

However to understand and fully release the transformational potential of these benefits demands valuable management time. Time that you may not have the capacity or the expertise to spare.

Which is where our Active Fleet Management Service really comes into its own.

Run by our Chief Engineer who has over 20 years of experience working on the same vessels that are in your fleet, Active Fleet Management is a 24/7 operational overwatch service that puts our own skilled mariner team in constant contact with your bridge and crew via our operations center based in Texas. Helping your crew to get the most out of Fueltrax and operate your vessels more efficiently using throttle optimization, reduced engine speed and other operational modes enabled by the system.

All the activities we undertake on your behalf are focused on delivering an agreed set of business objectives. We can even help you successfully navigate the complex, fragmented world of emissions regulations by continuously measuring, monitoring and reporting on your fleet’s performance on the journey towards full ESG compliance.

Featuring comprehensive data visibility throughout, our Active Fleet Management Service is completely transparent, allowing you to track progress against agreed KPIs and see the tangible results as your business becomes more efficient, compliant, sustainable and profitable.

Plus you get to spend more time on shoreside management and less time worrying about what’s happening on board your vessels.

With compliance regulations and reporting only set to become more stringent and complex, why not let us help you make a better business with our Active Fleet Management Service.

Invest today to succeed tomorrow with Fueltrax.


Prevent fuel theft and guarantee the accuracy of fuel transfers.


Measure and optimize your fleet’s fuel consumption to increase operational efficiencies and reduce costs.


Track, monitor, report and verify your fleet’s ESG performance.


Free up management time and meet specific business goals with our expert 24/7 operational overwatch.


From dockside to desert, clearly track, manage and deliver your fuel with 100% accuracy and accountability.