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Real-time fuel data, delivered directly, wherever you are in the world.

FUELNET is a secure cloud database that provides 24/7 vessel and asset tracking, and fuel reporting. Data is available live every 15 minutes, as well as historical 1-minute data stored in perpetuity.

Vessel Tracking

Track your fleet's live speed and location via our independent, time-stamped GPS data transmission. This data is encrypted and fully SSL-secured, bypassing the vessel’s communications system.
FUELTRAX maintains a 99% uptime and pole to pole coverage.

Custom Operating Modes

The fueltrax system automatically detects operating modes using criteria defined by the fleet operator. These include consumption parameters, engine use, speed, and geofences. This automated mode calculation makes it easy to implement best practices such as:
  • Engine run time & consumption rate optimization
  • Individual location/asset consumption analysis
  • Operation duration analysis
  • Accurate R.O.B calculations

Weather Tracking


FUELNET web portal's weather tracking feature allows you to directly link weather effects to vessel fuel efficiency. 

Monitor vessels' live location alongside 10 + live weather parameters such as wind, currents, swells, temperatures, and more. All weather data is GPS timestamped and tied to your exact consumption profile for quick and easy review. Weather forecasting data is also available for the next 72 hours - allowing you to plan ahead. 

Record of Fuel Transfers


All past recorded transfer events are recorded in FUELNET. Transfer plots are available to review the success of fuel transfers – including information such as total volume/mass, density, and temperature. Bunker tickets are also available for every transfer.

Transfer information includes critical information for fuel security and accountability, to ensure that your team is working with the most accurate information.



Operational Alerts are triggered to alert you in real-time, via email, when custom criteria are met. This criteria is completely customizable and covers parameters such as density & transfer volume levels, ROB, engines running, geofencing, burn rate, and speed. 

Visual Verification


FUELTRAX offers visual verification with FUELTRAX Vision camera packages, which helps visually verify weather conditions. 


FUELNET Pro, the ultimate fuel management tool.

The upgraded tier to FUELNET includes all features of FUELNET, in addition to dashboards for automated reporting, advanced forensic analysis tools, and machine learning tools for predictive analysis. 

Monthly Trend Reporting


Automatic monthly reporting for fuel consumption, engine use, speed, distance, and weather. 

Automatically Calculates CO2 Emissions


View total CO2 emissions per vessel as well as how our throttle optimization algorithm is helping you reduce your carbon footprint. 

Compare Vessel's Current Performance against Historical Performance


Choose between any 2 custom time periods and generate a side-by-side comparison of performance for all available visualizations. 

Benchmark your Vessel's Performance against the Total Fleet


Rank vessels in your fleet using our Consumption Rate By Mode tool to quickly identify outliers.

Custom Analysis with Advanced Filtering Options


Advanced filtering allows you to create custom analysis and compare fuel consumed, fuel costs, C02 emissions, create automatic heat maps and look at fleet average vs. individual vessel. 


Forensic Analysis with the Event Recreator


Deep dive into consumption anomalies for various operating mode configurations using our event recreator. 

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