Fueltrax EFMS

Fueltrax EFMS

Operating expenditure. Reduced.

At the heart of every Fueltrax installation is the Fueltrax Electronic Fuel Management System (EFMS).

Closed-loop, tamper-proof, alarm protected and completely incorruptible, it solves the challenge of fuel theft and slippage, inaccurate fuel measurement and inefficient fuel consumption to save marine fleet businesses thousands of dollars a year.


Direct fuel consumption. Measured.

Featuring an array of sensors connected to highly-accurate mass flow meters, Fueltrax EFMS continuously and consistently measures your fleet’s direct fuel consumption.

Unlike traditional volumetric flow meters, our mass flow meters differentiate air, water, temperature, density,and particulates to provide enhanced accuracy of +/-0.5% with onboard alarms triggered if the system detects any deviation from your fuel quality specification.

Maintenance and calibration of our mass flow meters is carried out remotely by our manufacturing center in Houston, Texas.

Secure data. Transferred.

Every 15 minutes, Fueltrax sends real-time automatic data uploads to FUELNET, our secure, proprietary web portal. Accessible onboard and shore-side on desktop, laptop and mobile devices, all data transferred is password-protected, fully SSL secured and encrypted, and independent of your vessel’s other communications systems, removing human error or cybersecurity risk.

Every 15 minutes, Fueltrax sends real-time automatic data uploads to FUELNET

Throttle control. Optimized.

Significant fuel cost savings can be made with small reductions in speed. Achieve your emissions reduction goals and cut fuel spend with Fueltrax.

BestSpeed and BestEconomy optimization tools provide your captain with real-time throttle recommendations and help them obtain the best setting for each voyage. Delivering maximum vessel efficiency in fulfilling the voyage’s objective.

BestEconomy: Maximize savings with small loss in speed
BestSpeed: Maximum speed with the minimum fuel.